Event Medical Services

Event Medical Services (EMS) was established in 1996 and is Ireland's leading provider of event medical management and staff. Our team are fully equipped and proven to be the most experienced in the field of event management and co-ordination of medical services from the largest festivals to the smallest venues.

Paramedics at Oxegen festivalOur personnel are professional in their approach and always adaptable to the client needs. We aim to provide the best possible outcome to the patient after an accident or incident and to do so in a way to minimize the risks to you, the organiser. Our staff are always clearly identifiable in specialised EMS uniforms to include hi-vis clothing, where appropriate.

Unique in our industry, our management team has been involved with and continue to work closely with our statutory agencies and committees to bring the procedures and protocols of medical services in Ireland to their highest standard. Our involvement in these industry developments is ongoing and voluntary and an area which the management team at EMS take very seriously. All our staff are very proud to be associated with these industry developments.

In 2011, Event Medical Services played an active role in the initiation and implementation of the Pre-hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) Ambulatory Care Report (ACR).

"Oxegen music festival 2011 saw the first large-scale deployment of PHECC's national standard electronic ambulatory care report (eACR). Event Medical Services joined us in rolling out a live trial of the eACR with Civil Defence and Order of Malta Ireland volunteers contributing to the testing. This Valentia Technology software package is a milestone for data collection, clinical audit, EMS practitioner empowerment and national EMS planning."
Read more from PHECC Voice Issue 15 (PDF file)

Whether your event is 80,000 people in an outdoor environment or a small private party, EMS will be delighted to discuss your medical service requirements.